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María de la Moneda Moreno – Pipalab

For years, wanting to combine my interests and studies in Fine Arts and Graphic Design and throughout cities like Granada and Madrid and in countries like Finland and England, I have been working to develop my own fashion brand Pipalab with organic cottons and sustainable inks, hand screen-printed in my workshop.A project that occupies me to this day, as a means to apply and consolidate my knowledge of Print Design. Always in the company of my lovely pet Pipa.

Print design and illustration are my great passion. They reflect my love for the flora and fauna and my responsibility towards the environment. An ode to joy and colour. They have many ways of being expressed, on paper, fabrics for fashion or home and objects that are integrated into people’s daily lives in a fun and enjoyable way.

I work for and with nature, she inspires me and I return the favour through a sustainable and ethical process that respects the environment, raw materials and human capital, so my illustrations show my love for her, her shapes and colours and my responsibility to protect the environment, local economies, art and work ethic.

I am a Creative with a solid background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, able to participate in interdisciplinary projects in textile design, home, graphic design, packaging and stationery.

If you think I can collaborate with you, I will be happy to meet your project and make it grow and give it its own identity.

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